We hop at the chance to do good.

If you have an organization that could use extra funds,
we’ll partner with you to help raise them! 


We'll create a flyer that you can send to your followers to tell them about your fundraising event.  Guests must present the flyer in person or show it on their mobile device at the time of purchase.  These are accepted with dine-in and carry-out orders.   

We use a tiered method for donation:

  • 20-30 flyers – 10% of sales will be donated

  • 31-49 flyers – 15% of sales will be donated

  • 50+ flyers – 20% of sales will be donated



We will collect and tally all checks associated with your organization's fundraiser.  As soon as we have the total calculated, we will let you know your total sales and the donation amount from Sweet Carrot!  

What is your fundraising goal? Use the calculator below to get an idea. Calculation based on average check of $12 and 20% of sales donated. This is only an estimate.   



  • Requested fundraiser dates must be received a minimum of two weeks in advance.  We advise scheduling in advance due to limited availability. 

    • Days available: Sunday – Thursday 

    • Time: You will receive a set 5 hour time block for your fundraiser.    

  • We require a 501c3 or a W9 form from all participating organizations to verify your EIN. 

    • Sweet Carrot will make the check out to the name listed on the W9 and mail the check to that address. 

  • A flyer must be handed to the cashier or shown on a mobile device.  

    • Distribute the flyers to family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors.  Encourage them to come support your organization!

    • Gift Cards & Alcohol sales are excluded.

    • We will not accept reservations or reserve seating.  We encourage organizations to tell guests to come throughout the event schedule time frame. 

  • Organizations are not permitted to distribute flyers to guests not affiliated with your event on Sweet Carrot premises. This includes outside as well as inside building. It is the organization’s responsibility to communicate this to anyone who is distributing your flyers. Anyone caught doing so will result in termination of the fundraiser. Anyone who distributes flyers on private property without the express consent of owners is responsible for paying any fees or fines charged.  



Need to print out the information on this page? Download this PDF.

Want to know how to throw a good fundraiser? Here's some tips! 



Please fill out this brief form about your fundraiser and we'll let you know how we can help. Our team will review the details and get back to you within 48 hours to ask additional questions or schedule your event.